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SUPER HARBOR | June 2024

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Enough with the same articles telling you how to get more followers, more business and sales. As a gift here’s all you need to know about digital marketing. Okay not all you need to know, but the foundation of digital marketing and everything else in life.

Show up.

As a small business owner with a penchant for marketing when we say show up that means:

Don’t be afraid to be you.
Don’t be afraid to not be like the other guys.
For the love of God show up and decide how you’re going to show up (marketing channel) and what you want to say (content).

After showing up for your audience you’re going to show up for yourself and measure the crap out of your efforts. And when we say measure we don’t mean demean (that’s all the hits you got you were featured in Mashable for Christ’s sake!) we mean judge from a neutral point of view and ask the question is this or is this not

Now, from this basis you can tweak till your hearts content and test all the copy and variables you can handle.

In case you thought you was the first person to have this issue, congratulations! You’re not. You’re not special in this regard. You’re not alone. Here’s how other fellow Brooklyn entrepreneurs have been showing up for their businesses beating the lack of sales problem, lack of money problem or whatever problem that’s
actually quite common.

After you’ve perused those articles you can brush up on some quantitative data that’s going to help you wallop the competition by just being you. You’re welcome.

Fikriyyah George, Founder of Super Harbor