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SUPER HARBOR | April 2024

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The Team

Fikriyyah headhsot

Picture by Eldon Phillips

Head Editor and Founder, Fikriyyah George
Works as a freelance blogger and copywriter serving up articles and engaging blog posts for publications, and witty banter that brings all the customers to the yard for her small business clients.
Work can be seen in Brokelyn, Bushwick Daily, Alley Watch and The New York Observer.
Excels in writing non-boring content with a side of graphic design.
Hungry to pen more website, and social media copy. You can contact Fikriyyah at fikriyyahgeorge AT gmail DOT com.




Picture by Hollis King

Photographer, Eldon Phillips
Works as A freelance photographer/videographer, and graphic designer.
Work can be seen in almost every Super Harbor issue
Excels at dancing to the rhythm of Kranium in his newsboy cap. When he’s not doing that he’s creating the most amazing photography for Super Harbor, head shots for up and coming actors, and captivating videos for a spa and fitness brand
Hungry to create more visual identities for small businesses from the ground up. You can contact Eldon at eldon.phillips83 AT gmail DOT com