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SUPER HARBOR | July 2024

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Coworking Spaces BK Style: Colab Factory

March 2017 |

If it seems like a new co-working space is opening up every year it’s because they are. Hard pressed to find one five years ago in Brooklyn there is currently almost 30 spread throughout the borough. Colab Factory is … Read More

Coworking Space Makeshift Society Closing After A Year

August 2015 |

No trend, or business is immune from the laws of supply and demand. Even with coworking’s booming growth throughout Brooklyn one of the latest coworking spaces is saying goodbye. Last week in a newsletter Makeshift Society founders Rena Tom and Bryan Boyer announced the coworking … Read More

Remote Working from Brooklyn: Make The Most of the Coffee Shop

October 2014 |

Modern work culture tells us that we have to spend every minute of our nine-to-five working in an office — one that may be loud, distraction-prone, and uninspiring. Now that startups and companies that embrace flexibility are becoming more prevalent, … Read More

Former Neighbors Bring Community and Coworking to Prospect Lefferts Gardens

September 2014 |

Before opening the first co-working space in Prospect Lefferts Gardens the three co-owners, Aki and Ron Baker and Rebecca Levin were neighbors for years in a loft building in Bed-Stuy.

“Their front door faced my front door and we shared … Read More

First Co-Working Space in Flatbush Opens

June 2014 |

Flatbush formerly bereft of co-working spaces is welcoming its first-the Compound Cowork.

Run by a community-minded trio, Compound Cowork had a free day of co-working, from 1pm-8pm, this past Saturday to officially commemorate their opening. Normally, a day of co-working … Read More

Is The Yard The Place to Be If You’re a Creative Business In Brooklyn?

September 2013 |

This is a first in what will be a series looking at co-working spaces in Brooklyn.

The Yard is 1 floor, 93 units, and 15,000 square feet of amazing. It’s amazing considering it was a “disaster” according to co-founder Morris … Read More