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SUPER HARBOR | July 2024

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5 Gifts You Could Make With a 3D Printer

5 Gifts You Could Make With a 3D Printer
Fikriyyah George

MakerBot is a Brooklyn-based startup in the 3D printing industry. After attending an event where I got to see the replicators in action and December being the holiday season it made me think “So what kind of gift could one create for a creative entrepreneur friend/SO using 3D printing?” All that’s required is the actual 3D printer (which at 2k is the price of brand new Mac), MakerWare and the something to make which can be found on Thingiverse.

The sheer creativity that 3D printing engenders also allows for some pretty complicated stuff. For this reason everything listed are only a few files deep and doesn’t require extensive gluing and assembly. Let’s leave the extensive projects for another season not dedicated to family and friends. Okay? Okay. And for the love of all that is holy if you’re new to 3D printing  read the instructions on how to make, assemble or finish (for instance, some will require sanding the edges) your pièce de résistance.

1) Zombie Headphone Wrap

2013-05-29 13.45.08Picture from Thingiverse member mitsuhito

I’m convinced that organization is the way to sanity in this digital age, so cord management combined with “The Walking Dead”? Yes please! Bonus: it won’t eat your face off. (Or will it?)

2) Movember Moustache comb


Picture from Thingiverse member 3D BK
So what Movember’s over?! Some guys like their mustaches robust more than just one month out of the year. Keep the hirsute man in your life presentable with these ‘stache combs.

3) Mineral Makeup Holders


Picture from Thingiverse member brackett27
Keeping your mind sane by giving everything a home is not limited to just cords. Looking her best is important, but where she stores her makeup should be simple. And it is with this makeup holder. While executed specifically with mineral makeup in mind these can be used with other forms of makeup.

4) Dog Bowl/Water Bottle Carrier

dog bowl water carrier

Picture from Thingiverse member dadhoc
Taking breaks to keep your mind sharp is easier when your best four-legged friend needs a walk. When going outdoors with your pooch staying light is ideal, so dog lovers unite; this practical case is a two-in-one dream.

5) Pencilpot Monster


Picture from Thingiverse member animaag
Ideas are the lifeblood of a creative entrepreneur. One key is to have beautiful things. Stay inspired with this cutesy/scary pencil holder reminiscent of the “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Now, if only you could 3D print wrapping paper.

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