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Funding for Brooklyn Artists Made Easy

Funding for Brooklyn Artists Made Easy
Fikriyyah George
Artist in his studio

Artist in his studio

Admit it, you’re broke and don’t have the funds for your experiential light installation, audio masterpiece or (insert awesome art form here). You can lighten the burden by doing things like making your own canvasses and printing out giclees yourself, but getting a budget that doesn’t include the money from your three or four day jobs is helpful. Brushes, paint and equipment (or rehearsal space for the Mark Morris aspirants) costs moolah and grants can lighten that load. How do you go about getting one though? We spoke to a couple of experts about navigating the world of applying for grants.

You can get one at any time

“There’s kind of a spring and fall crunch time,” Ethany Uttech, Grants Director of the Brooklyn Arts Council, told us over e-mail. She said to get your research on and look for opportunities year-round though, because they’re out there. She recommends the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Source.

Other good sources of information are…


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