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SUPER HARBOR | June 2024

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Create Your Own Brand with Matt Southerland

Create Your Own Brand with Matt Southerland
Fikriyyah George

At Persons of Interest (Carroll Gardens location) we met Matt Southerland. The very first barber Steve hired, Matt was born in Sheepshead Bay and has been in the barber business since he was 18.

 Hella motivated Matt has his own hair line Civil Grooming. The line includes a non-foaming aftershave gel (Shave Jelly), Beard & Body Balm and a good old fashioned aftershave sans alcohol. The whole line is made with organic ingredients. So we asked him:

What does It Take to Make Your Own Line?*


He was inspired by industry leaders like the founder of Aveda, and Ted Gibson, whom he’s worked for as an assistant. One day he and his girlfriend were watching a Marilyn Monroe movie where neat parts and glamor reigned supreme. From there he and his girlfriend came up with Civil Grooming together.


According to Matt it took 4 figures to get the line off the ground.

Talented Friends

Matt and his co-founder and girlfriend came up with some sketches of what they wanted the logo to look like. Three different graphic designer friends helped make the final logo.

A Lab

He researched suppliers on (where else?) Google, found an organic lab, sampled their products and branded them as his own, a common practice in the industry.

Civil Grooming is available online and in Persons of Interest.

*Actual legwork not included.

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