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Digital Marketing Strategy for Local Businesses

Digital Marketing Strategy for Local Businesses
Fikriyyah George

Gone are the days in which local businesses take out an ad in the paper and call it a day. You don’t go to your butcher for tonight’s meal. You don’t go to the bakery for today’s bread. Mom and pop shops have taken on an entirely new flavor if the mom and pop is even still there.

How do business owners keep up? Blogs, GoogleAdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Tumblr? All of these components can effect sales, customer service and whether they live to see the next tech wave. With over 10 years of experience in the industry working with brands like Heineken, My Black is Beautiful, and Jim Beam, Digital Media Strategist Mike Street clarifies the kerfuffle.  Mike Street!!

First things first, what does a digital media strategist do?

A strategist is someone who looks at all of the big data and then develops a creative strategy that will meet the business objectives of a brand. For example, if I’m a car company and I need to drive more foot traffic into a dealership I’d look at the technographic footprint of my target market and see how I could reach them better in order to drive them into the store.

Is a digital media strategist only for big name brands?

Digital strategists are very expensive so you’ll mainly see them working at well known marketing agencies. But I think every business should have a strategist on hand.

How can a local business utilize a digital media strategist?

Find someone who LOVES your business first and foremost then develop a relationship with them and see what you can work out so that they will fully support what you do. Also, be committed to doing strategy for the long haul. It’s not an overnight thing.

Is there a huge difference when you draft up a social media plan for let’s say a local hair salon or a bar? How important is the industry of your client?

Each plan has to fit the needs of the client and their business objectives. So no two plans will read the same as every business will have different wants, needs, and target demographics.

What social networks should local businesses be on?

Facebook and Twitter to start. Then start looking at Pinterest, Instagram, and RebelMouse. YouTube is highly important but you need a clear strategy in order to make your video work.

Who is your ideal client?

Looking for someone who is in it for the LONG haul. You can’t half-step or do it for three months and then stop. You have to be willing to keep moving forward, keep experimenting, and being open to trying new things.

How would a local business even go about finding a digital marketing strategist?

Look on Twitter and do a search for strategist. Most if not all of them are tweeting and will have the title listed in their Twitter profile.

Ideally, they build themselves to such a successful level that they themselves can no longer do it by themselves. If a local business’s budget is tight what are some things they can do in-house before they contract out their marketing needs?  

In terms of in-house the business can start with providing customer service across their platforms. The business owner knows the business better than anyone else so I’d start there and start with engaging and making sure that the clients are all happy.

What would be the best way for potential clients to get in touch with with you?  You can email me at street at mrmikestreet dot com or find me on Twitter @MrMikeStreet.

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